Isosceles: When You Need a Protected Cell

When your organization has a one-time or smaller risk financing need, a protected cell can help. JLTIM offers a protected captive cell facility, Isosceles Insurance Company, to clients. Domiciled in Vermont, Barbados, Bermuda and Guernsey, Isosceles can meet a variety of risk financing and reinsurance needs.

Lower Cost

Also known as sponsored cell captives, protected cells like Isosceles are especially efficient for middle market and smaller companies seeking to lower their cost of entry. Protected cells also offer easy access to fronting arrangements and reinsurance markets for single-purpose use.

Temporary or Permanent Need

Isosceles can serve as a temporary solution by organizations facing a time crunch for licensing and those looking to fund niche insurance or the offshore risks of a domestic company. Unlike some captive arrangements, a protected cell segregates the underwriting profits and losses of each cell.

Well Capitalized

JLTIM provides the initial capital required to operate the Isosceles cell facility. Each of the four domiciles, as with most domiciles, may require cell participants to contribute surplus to their individual cells, depending upon their particular insurance program and retained risk.


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