JLTIM Capabilities Sheet

01 February 2018


JLT Insurance Management (JLTIM) is a full-service captive insurance management and consulting firm dedicated to providing alternative risk solutions that meet diverse needs. Located worldwide, JLTIM manages captives in most major domiciles.

With vast industry and insurance experience, JLTIM can structure tailored solutions to meet any risk financing challenge. Join the growing number of clients who count on JLTIM’s experience, agility, and flexibility to craft comprehensive solutions for their risk financing and transfer needs.


We understand captive formations, having been in the forefront of industry developments from its formative years right up to today’s dynamic environment. JLTIM will partner with clients and their advisors to design captive programs, recommend optimal structures, and determine ongoing capital requirements. Our critical eye ensures your captive strategy addresses enterprise challenges now and in the future.

JLTIM’s consulting team understands the lifecycle of a captive, from start-up and maturation through possible shut-down. At any phase of your captive life cycle, depend on our consultants for these expert services:

  • Feasibility
  • Implementation
  • New Product development & expanded lines
  • Strategic reviews
  • Benchmarking
  • Exit strategies

Our consultants ensure each solution has the flexibility to meet changing cash flow, capital requirements, exposures, and insurance needs. Our innovative programs create an environment for cost containment and safety improvements so that your captive has the appropriate mix of self-insurance and creative reinsurance products.


JLTIM provides a full suite of captive management service, tailored to meet the needs of single parent captives, group captives, association captives, risk retention groups, and cell facilities in our care. These services include:

  • Formation/licensing
  • Financial management
  • Insurance management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Corporate governance and board meetings

At JLTIM, your captive’s success is our ultimate goal. We ensure your success by providing an integrated team of captive consulting and captive management experts, who will proactively advise you during every phase of your captive.


JLTIM offers protected captive cell facilities domiciled in Vermont, Barbados, Bermuda, and Guernsey for certain risk financing needs. Also known as sponsored cell captives, these facilities are for middle market and smaller companies seeking to lower their cost of entry as well as easy access to reinsurance markets for single-purpose use.

We deliver tailored solutions. Whether you seek a captive manager or consultant for a multinational or single-purpose domestic risk financing, our seasoned professionals at JLTIM are here to help.



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